raleigh heat repair for bad smells from furnace
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If your home HVAC is not running quietly or has odors coming from the air ducts, then you may need to speak with a Raleigh heat repair service provider. Heating and air conditioning systems act as convenience and comfort systems within your home. That means they should operate in the background, without you noticing, and without the need for frequent intervention.

Often, a Raleigh HVAC contractor will be called upon to determine the origin of smells that seem to fill the home when the heat turns on. Here, we will give you 5 reasons why your heating system may be sending odors into the home – some of which could have a negative effect on your health.

Emergency HVAC Smells

The smell of gas

The only time your natural gas HVAC system should emit a gas smell similar to the smell of rotten eggs is when you first turn the heater or furnace on after a long season of the system being off. The smell of natural gas should last for only a very short time, and the gas odor should dissipate soon by the next on cycle.

If you continue to smell natural or propane gas from your heating system, then you should turn the unit off and contact a Raleigh heat repair service.

Smell of electrical wires burning

A burning smell may happen the first time you turn on the heat using a brand new heat pump with heat strips. However, that smell should not last more than a day. Especially if you do not have a brand new heat pump, a smell similar to burnt plastic or smoldering metal could indicate your HVAC’s electrical system is overheating and/or other electrical wires or contacts have become too hot. To verify the source of burning wires in your HVAC unit, turn off the power, check the system’s air filters and wiring for any indication of burnt material or clogged airflow.

Also, if you notice dust on wires or components, while the power is turned off, vacuum the system or wipe clean any dirt buildup before turning back on. If the smell of electrical wires continues from the HVAC system or air ducts, then you should contact a Raleigh HVAC contractor.

Smells like an HVAC malfunction

Mechanical odors

Sometimes the smell can be electrical or metallic, you could describe it as a mechanical smell. If you notice this smell and your HVAC unit clanks, bangs, rattles, or makes a knocking sound, then you are likely experiencing a mechanical issue. This could be a problem with a failing motor, blower fan, heat exchangers, or evaporation coils. A Raleigh heat repair person can not only diagnose the mechanical issue, but also determine if the number of repairs or the extent of the repair may justify the investment in a new heater system.

If your HVAC system has a history of frequent repairs, has 15 years or more in service, or is simply an older, inefficient HVAC unit, then a Raleigh HVAC contractor can advise you on whether it is best to repair or replace the unit.

An oily smell

Depending on the type of HVAC system (especially heating oil systems) you have, it is possible your system is experiencing an oil lubricant or coolant leak that is common for HVAC units. The problem could be a fastener or fitting that needs tightening, a leaking oil line, or a faulty component that needs to be replaces.

Also, consider that a major component of a heating oil system, such as the oil burner or fuel pump may be malfunctioning or clogged. These types of heating systems should always be diagnosed and repaired by an experienced Raleigh HVAC contractor.

Any chemical smells or the smell of burnt smoke from your heating system should always be investigated by Klimatology HVAC, a full service Raleigh HVAC contractor. The comfort and safety of your family and the protection of your valuable assets are why we provide quality service that is dependable.

Contact Klimatology HVAC for more information about our HVAC repair, maintenance, installation and replacement services in Raleigh, NC and surrounding communities.


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