It always seems to happen on the hottest summer days – the air conditioning suddenly stops working. As the temperature climbs in your house, you have to get on the phone to get AC repair ASAP. Any delay is not just uncomfortable, depending on the issue it may cause more extensive damage to forego repairs.

You can give us a call at Klimatology HVAC, a trusted family-owned company serving the greater Raleigh area. We’ll have an experienced contractor evaluate your AC unit and any other part of your HVAC system that needs to be addressed. We can service all makes and models.

Common AC Repair Needs

We most commonly get phone calls regarding the AC system’s poor cooling capacity, but we also hear from those whose experience extended run times, higher than usual power bills, or who notice musty smells and have a need for humidity control.

Central air conditioners are dependent on these two primary components: the condenser and the evaporator. Your AC unit is constantly condensing gas into liquid. Refrigerant cools the hot air that comes inside your home as it travels through the condenser coils. Issues can arise when there are issues with the refrigerant or motors. Also, accumulation of dust can have a significant impact on efficiency and performance, and not just inhibiting its capacity to cool your home, but can even reduce the system’s lifespan. 

The condenser and the evaporator are both sealed within the unit and require the service of a professionally trained technician to address any issues.

Other issues commonly causing the need for AC repair are blockages in the drain tubes that carries condensation created by the AC unit. This is not uncommon because the condensate collector beneath the evaporator coil can cause algae growth.

Local AC Repair in Raleigh

If you’re looking for a trusted local company to handle your AC repair in Raleigh, NC; Cary, NC; Apex, NC; Morrsiville, NC; Durham, NC; or Wake Forest, NC, contact us at Klimatology HVAC. You will have an experienced, licensed contractor troubleshoot your system and find the solution to get your system operating at peak efficiency. Learn more about our other HVAC services including AC installation & replacement, and dehumidifier installation.