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If you’ve noticed unusual sounds or loud noises coming from your furnace, you’re not alone. We’ve received many calls from Raleigh customers requesting heater repair due to loud sounds that seem to come from their furnace or ducts. 

There are several reasons this could be happening within your HVAC system. We’ve broken down some common culprits below:

If you notice a scraping sound that reminds you of metal grinding against another metal surface, it could be a broken motor mount or blower wheel. Shoud this be the case, it could cause significant damage to your HVAC system, so you’ll want to make sure and call an HVAC technician ASAP. If your motor mount is damaged, it will have issues holding the blower wheel in place which will cascade into multiple other issues.

A wheezing sound may be an easy fix for a homeowner. Oftentimes this sound comes from a dirty air filter clogged with dust, dander and other airborne contaminants. The sound is coming from the air that’s trying to squeeze through the debris. In this case, you can try changing the air filter to see if it resolves the issue. If it doesn’t, you can give us a call. 

Loud bangs and pops, especially when the furnace is first turning on can result from a dirty furnace burner. All of the dust and dirt causes gas to fill up and when the flame ignites to start heat, it makes that popping sound. If it’s not the furnace burner, it’s likely your metal ductwork that’s expanding and contracting with temperature fluctuations. This is a inconsequential issue that you don’t have to worry about. Sometimes you won’t hear a boom sound, but a lighter “ping” that is caused by the same issue within your ductwork.

Ductwork can also be responsible for a crackling sound after your furnace turns off. Sometimes this, or even your furnace itself may make this noise as it powers down. This is also a normal noise and not cause for concern. 

When you hear a high-pitched squeal or whine, you likely have a blower belt that needs some TLC or replacement. It may need lubricating or is misaligned, but it could also just need replacing because it’s worn out.

Time To Call In Professional HVAC Repair

If you have loud sounds coming from your furnace, it’s usually a good idea to contact a professional HVAC contractor who can troubleshoot the issue and resolve the problem. The problem may or may not require new parts, but in any case, it’s better for the lifespan of your HVAC system to have any issues resolved quickly before they escalate to something more serious (and expensive) to fix. 

When you need heater repair in the Raleigh area, you can schedule service appointments here or call us at 919-746-4410. We are a trusted, family-owned business based in North Raleigh and serving the entire Triangle.


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