Jan 17 , 2023 Comment

Like most household items, a mechanical system like an HVAC will start to wear out over time and through constant use, even when it's well maintained.  As a result, the cost of an older and outdated HVAC will grow more and more.Continue reading How Your Old HVAC Could Be Costing You

Apr 27 , 2022 Comment

When you get quoted for an HVAC replacement from any contractor, you may see verbiage about permits and inspections listed as a line item.  If you live in the Triangle (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill) and have your HVAC system replaced, your contractor should be pulling a permit with the local government’s building department designated to your property, and requesting an inspection after the work is completed.Continue reading Do I Need A Local…

Oct 20 , 2021 Comment

There are a variety of heating options for homeowners available in today’s HVAC market. While they may operate differently, there are several shared components when it comes to the homeowner’s maintenance.  Whether your home has a furnace, heat pump or even a ductless mini split – these are all considered a forced air heater and they all require filters. The simple and inexpensive habit of changing air filters can make…

Jun 16 , 2021 Comment

It’s that time of year where we’re fielding AC repair calls all day long from around Raleigh-Durham and Chapel Hill. The summer days in North Carolina are long and at times, excruciatingly hot. Sometimes we get calls that there is some cool air blowing, but the air conditioner can’t keep up with the heat. There can be several reasons for this.Continue reading Air Conditioner Can’t Keep Up With NC Heat?

Apr 12 , 2021 Comment

It’s that time of year! Here in Raleigh, NC the pollen is thick, the temperatures are rising and you’ve set your thermostat to cool. One thing’s for certain – you’ll definitely want to make sure your AC is ready for the intense summer months ahead! Preventative maintenance is a very important step in the upkeep of your HVAC system and will further ensure your air conditioning runs with efficiency.  Continue reading…

Feb 19 , 2021 Comment

If you’ve noticed unusual sounds or loud noises coming from your furnace, you’re not alone. We’ve received many calls from Raleigh customers requesting heater repair due to loud sounds that seem to come from their furnace or ducts.  There are several reasons this could be happening within your HVAC system. We’ve broken down some common culprits below: If you notice a scraping sound that reminds you of metal grinding against…

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Jan 30 , 2021 Comment

During the cold winter months we get many service calls from customers whose systems aren't heating properly, are running too loudly, or even seem to continue running all the time. There are many things that can cause problems requiring professional heating repair in Raleigh homes; however, some of the issues can first be addressed by homeowners.Continue reading Common Furnace Issues in Raleigh Homes

Jan 9 , 2021 Comment

There are multiple options for Raleigh homeowners and small business owners looking for air purifier options through their HVAC system.  We install everything from UV light systems, to ionic air purification systems in order to help reduce mold, bacteria & other airborne pathogens and improve air quality. Understandably, of greatest concern right now is coronavirus and particularly COVID-19.Continue reading Ionic Air Purifiers Effective Against Coronavirus