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When you get quoted for an HVAC replacement from any contractor, you may see verbiage about permits and inspections listed as a line item. 

If you live in the Triangle (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill) and have your HVAC system replaced, your contractor should be pulling a permit with the local government’s building department designated to your property, and requesting an inspection after the work is completed.

Why is this done? Because an HVAC replacement is a major adjustment to the infrastructure of your home, and must be done according to the manufacturer’s and North Carolina’s mechanical and electrical codes.

Most contractors provide this as a courtesy to customers. However, not all contractors do. If this is the case, you should apply for a permit as the homeowner and request an inspection on your own.

At Klimatology HVAC, we have each HVAC replacement project inspected and the price of the permit/inspection is included in your quote. There are a few things to note for our customers in the Triangle area:

  1. Unless you live in Durham County, we will contact you about your preferred day for inspection and if you prefer a morning or afternoon appointment. Durham County will contact you directly to coordinate an appointment. For everyone else, morning or afternoon requests are not guaranteed and we have no insight into when your inspector will arrive. Our best advice is to contact the inspections office directly the day of your inspection. We will send you a list of the inspection offices in the surrounding area, as well as your permit number when your job is complete.
  2. If you have any questions after we submit the request for your inspection, it is best to contact the inspections office directly.
  3. If you are not home when the inspector arrives, they usually charge an additional reinspection fee to return to your property. We do not cover this fee in this case.
  4. Failed inspections are rare, but they do happen. Under these circumstances, we will contact you to make any necessary adjustments and any additional reinspection fees are covered by us.

For your convenience, a list of inspection office’s phone numbers and links to their web pages are provided below.

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