Mar 19 , 2021 Comment

Wow! Nihat at Klimatology was AWESOME! Hands down the only HVAC Company I will ever use again!!

I called him because I was trying to find someone in HVAC to move an Air Return in a chase behind a closet wall, about 10″ in order to remodel a bathroom. I had called a few places, and either received no answer back (maybe job was too small to mess with) or was quoted ridiculous prices.

Nihat came by to take a look on a Saturday afternoon, literally two hours after I called him. He took one look, and told me how easy it was to move, and he felt guilty charging me to do it!
I asked him to do a complete inspection of my system also, since it had never been serviced in the 12 years I’ve had it, and he quoted me an incredibly fair price to do everything.
We scheduled the job for a few days later, and he showed up right on time to the minute, and took care of everything within less than an hour.
Even as old as my “never serviced” system was, he was completely honest, and never found a thing wrong. As old as it is, he could have easily come up with something that was unnecessarily needed to charge me for, and I would not have known the difference. He explained clearly everything he did, and made sure the placement of the air exchange was exactly what I needed before he left.

This is the way to do business! Honest, efficient, and dependable. Treating customers fairly and following through!
Thank you Nihat and Klimatology!! You are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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