Mar 16 , 2019

You’ve finally found the perfect place. You’ve put in an offer, and you’re ready for the next steps. You’ll definitely be having a home inspection take place where you’ll have the entire house examined from head-to-toe. The inspector will probably take a look at the HVAC system, too.

However, your realtor may also suggest a separate HVAC inspection be done as well. Why? Because the home inspector will likely check if the heat and air are working, then move on to the next item. But many HVAC systems are capable of running even if there is an underlying problem that is likely to cause issues down the road.


Why You Need a Licensed HVAC Professional

Most home inspectors are not going to be licensed HVAC contractors with the kind of expertise to closely evaluate your system. In fact, you may actually find disclaimers on your home inspection report with language to this effect. (You can learn more about home inspector requirements in North Carolina from the North Carolina Licensed Home Inspector Association). Issues like a cracked heat exchanger could exist and your furnace and air conditioning may appear to be functioning normally. This would go overlooked by the home inspector and become your problem when your system starts showing functional problems.

A HVAC contractor is going to evaluate much more than just if the system can produce hot and cool air. They’ll also test safety controls, evaluate condenser and evaporator coils, test refrigerant pressure, check air filters and airflow throughout the house — and much more.


A Fee That Could Save You More

While you may not want yet another fee added on to the cost of buying your new home, the cost is small compared to a major repair or even an installation of a new system. While the seller may offer a home warranty, most warranty companies will continually attempt to repair your system to avoid replacing the old one. You’ll still have to a pay a portion of the repair service, and in many cases you’ll end up spending more than the cost of that initial HVAC inspection.

What’s more, about 50% of your energy spend is going to come from your HVAC system. A system that is running efficiently is going to cost less, and a system that has not been well-maintained is going to run up your power bill. A licensed HVAC contractor can ensure that your system has been taken care of by the current owner, and if not, provide a report that lists items needed to get the system in suitable shape.

The HVAC system is the most expensive appliance in the home, and if it breaks down, is the most costly to fix. It makes sense to spend extra time to take a closer look at its current condition.


HVAC Inspection in Raleigh, NC

If you need an HVAC inspection for your next home purchase in the greater Raleigh area, contact us to see how we can help. You will be provided with a report listing the condition of various components within your HVAC system, as well as any needed recommendations that should be performed.